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Tuesday, November 28th, 2023

2014 - 1st Excavation Season


TCPalm published this youtube interview with Dr. Andy Hemmings about the significance of the Old Vero Man Site on May 13, 2014



Interview with Dr. Jim Adovasio, Director of the Mercyhurst Archaeological Institute (MAI), about the work being done at the Old Vero Man Site in May 2014




A Lecture presented by Friends of Harbor Branch - Harbor Branch/FAU on February 27, 2014

By Dr.Greg O'Corry-Crowe, FAU/Harbor Branch Scientist, on their Ancient DNA Lab 


Dr. Andy Hemmings, Mercyhurst University, on Understanding Old Vero Man



Dr. Andy Hemmings on the success of the 2014 spring excavation :


“Obviously we are just beginning to digest all of the material and information collected, but demonstrating an intact sequence of Holocene AND Pleistocene sediments (to at least 22,000 years ago) with thinly scattered cultural remains in them - from about 11,000 years ago, and well below that on what  appears to be a human living surface from circa 12,000 years ago or older are HUGE finds for us.....and of course leave much more to do.....”





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