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Tuesday, February 27th, 2024


This page presents some simple definitions of words that may be used in the vocabulary of those that will assist OVIASC in undertaking it's mission. Additional details about the word may be found on the Internet by clicking on the word.

Anthropology - The scientific study of the origin and development of humans and their culture.

Archaeology or Archeology - The study of past human life and culture through the examination of artifacts and fossil remains.

Artifact or Artefact - The objects made by human such as tools, weapons, or ornaments that have an archaeological interest.

Avocation - An activity or occupation that is pursued as a hobby for enjoyment.

COVB - City of Vero Beach.

Curator - The administrator and keeper of a collection such as a museums fossils and artifacts.

Excavate - The digging of a hole to expose something. To remove soil and clay in the search of fossils and artifacts.

Extinct- No longer exists.

Fossils - The evidence of past life including bones, teeth, shells, tracks, burrows, artifacts, etc.

FLMNH - Florida Museum of Natural History. (University of Florida, Gainesville, FL)

Geology - The scientific study of the origin, history, and structure of the earth. Structure of a specific area of the earth's strata.

Geological Core Sample - The cylindrical sample of earth drilled out of the ground for study of the various strata.

Glacial Ice Sheets - The great expanses of frozen water that covered the Earth during the Ice Ages, sometimes up to 2 miles thick, especialy during the Pleistocene period.

Ice Age - A cold period during which extensive glaciers advance and retreat, such as the Pleistocene period.

IRCHS - Indian River County Historical Society.

Material Science - The study of characteristics of materials such as bone, enamel, stone, etc.

Megafauna - Large animals, of a particular period, considered as a group such as the large mammals of the Pleistocene period.

Micro-Striations - Small parallel lines formed on minerals (bone, stone, etc...)

Optical-Microscope - A scientific device with a system of lens used to magnify visible images.

OVIASC - Old Vero Ice Age Sites Committee.

Paleontology - The scientific study of fossils.

Late Pleistocene - The interval of geological time from about 120,000 years ago to 10,000 years ago.

Scanning-Electron-Microscope - A scientific device using an electron beam to produce a magnified three-dimensional image.

Sediment - The material that is deposited over time onto the surface beneath water or air.

Strata - Plural of Stratum. Layers of sediment containing the fossil record separated into different geological time periods.

Stratum - A horizontal layer of material (sediment) that is visually distinguishable from adjacent layers.




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